Friday, January 24, 2014

3D Printing in the Palm of Your Hand

When most people think about 3D printing, an image of a large item that sits on a desk comes to mind.  Today, however, you can buy a hand held 3D printer that you can actually use to ‘draw’ things in 3D.  That’s right, the paper and marker is so 2013, and this is the future of what people will be drawing with.  Whether it is for children who want to have fun, or architects who want to make a great new building, this simple pen allows them to create virtually anything they can dream of. 

You can see in the YouTube video below an example of one of these pens.  The 3Doodler is an excellent item, due to be out later this year.  There are already other 3D drawing pens on the market today, so there is really no need to wait. 

The Price
One of the best things about this pen is that don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for it.  You can pick one up for around $100, and the plastic material used for printing is fairly cheap as well.   The YaYa Pen is, from what I’ve found, the first pen on the market, and you can buy it from Amazon HERE for only $105!  I was looking at it online and it seemed to have bad reviews, but then I realized that all the negative reviews were from supporters of the 3Doodler (which isn’t even available for purchase as of the writing of this).   I haven’t personally used either of them, but they both seem like great products to me. 

How it Works
Basically this pen functions like an old hot glue gun, but instead of glue, it puts out either ABS or PLA filament.  You can draw on a flat surface, and then raise your pen into the air and keep drawing. The filament comes out automatically, and can be set to two speeds for easy use.  Here are a few images of what types of things can be made with a 3D Pen:
Just about anything you would want to create, you can make a simple model of it using this pen.  Pretty incredible in my opinion! 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this innovative, and affordable item in the comments below.

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