3D Printing Pro

Hello and welcome to 3D Printing Pro.  I've decided to start up this blog to help track the growth and advancement of 3d printing and printers.  Over the past few years this technology has really begun to revolutionize many different industries in many different ways.  I've been a fan of this technology for years, and finally decided to start writing about it. 

This site will be dedicated to sharing news and information related to the world of 3D printing, as well as some thoughts and opinions on the matter.  While I will be doing my best to keep up with all the latest and greatest information, this is a rapidly changing technology, so I might occasionally miss something.  If you hear of something that you don’t see here, please contact me and let me know!

What is 3D PRINTING?
In case you’ve found your way to this site on accident, or you are just starting to hear about 3D printing, here is a very brief overview.  3D printing, also known as ‘Additive Manufacturing’ is a technology that allows you to ‘print’ three-dimensional objects.  There are many different types of 3D printers, allowing you to print with a variety of different materials.

For example, a large manufacturing facility may have a 3D printer that can use some types of metals.  The printer will melt the metal down, then create a 3D object in a very precise way.  This could be done to print off a custom office desk, or to create a prototype of a new engine block for a future vehicle.  There are virtually no limits to what can be printed.
For the average person, a 3D printer will use a type of plastic that is melted down and then used to form different objects.  Many artists use these printers to create new and exciting sculptures.  They can also be used for printing custom tools, toys, medical equipment and much more.

The Future of 3D Printing
The most exciting part about 3D printing is that there is almost no limitations to what it will be able to do.  While today the printers are quite expensive today, like all technologies, the price will drop rapidly over the coming years.  Imagine having the ability to print off anything you need in any situation. As this technology advances, that is exactly what will be possible.

In the near future (3-5 years) 3D printing will continue to revolutionize manufacturing.  It will also begin to be used more and more in the architecture and design industries.  Long term, 3D printing will change the way the medical industry works.  Hospitals will be able to print off exact replicas of bones that need to be replaced, for example.  They will also be able to make instruments that are customized to the specific needs of the patient. 

Of course, the biggest benefits likely haven’t even been thought of yet.  As more and more people become familiar with this technology, new and innovative ideas will be brought to the table.  In my opinion, however, 3D printing will be one of the biggest drivers of advancement over the next several decades.

I look forward to following the world of 3D printing, and helping bring information about it to you and hopefully many others.